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Volume 80
Volume 80
Release date: July 18, 2013
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-124324-9
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Detective 80 Shioriko Shinokawa

Keyhole 80 Shukichi Haneda
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Volume 80 was released on July 18, 2013 in Japan.



Vampire's Mansion[]

Anime Episode 712-715: Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion

File 840 - The Serial Killer's Plan []

The culprit is Jouhei Hagawa. Hikaru Hinohara was actually Hakuya's daughter due to the will and DNA report found in his room. The tunnel that he was escaping in was made for Hikaru. Hakuya bought clothes as gifts to Hikaru because he wants to find out her body size to see how wide to make the tunnel. He wanted Hikaru to do the serial murder plan that he made for her. All the tricks done was he was to tell her when she was at the foreign torture in the morning but Jouhei intercepted the message on her phone. Foreseeing that he'd get back together with Mina and he did the plan and try to get the money that way. Hakuya committed suicide to make the tricks work. Along with the plan there is his cellphone, the keys the freezer and the switch to blow up the tunnel. The motive was avenge Youko whose accidental was actually plotted by Jouhei, Shimizu, Kamiyo and Asanobu. Since Hakuya was a doctor he must've drugged Shimizu with something to thin out her blood and drew it out from artery at her neck with a catheter. Jouhei snuck over to he hding space underneath the coffin and retreived the head using a secret passage. Hakuya's will also include that Hikaru don't have to take revenge if she is willing to forgive those, who killed her mother. Conan is sure that Hikaru would have taken that option.

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Delivery Service[]

Anime Episode 722-723: Sweet and Cold Delivery Service

Characters introduced []

File 841 - Undelivered Goods []

File 842 - A Cat's Home Delivery Service []

File 843 - A Parcel for Kudo-samakata []

Conan makes the deliverymen take Hiroshi Agasa's cake to the Kudo Residence, where Subaru Okiya is staying. Subaru notices that someone needs help and makes the deliverymen give Conan a mobile phone. However, they find out the Detective Boys were in the truck and try to kill them. Tooru Amuro arrives just in time to save them after fighting the two men, thanks to the note Conan sent to the Poirot. Subaru watches Amuro from his house.

The two deliverymen had killed someone and were trying to get an alibi.

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Our Territory[]

Anime Episode 727-728: The Treasure Chest Filled with Fruits

File 844 - Today's Fruits []

File 845 - Our Territory []

File 846 - The Magic Lock []

The culprit is Wataru Furuya. Fruit of the trunk lock was fake. Steel shackle can be pulled out by the easy way. People have adapted wataru furuya lock is only evidence that he is a bad apple in the trunk is a fruit found in the time lost to the number one . Cause the body to have a reason not to eat is wataru furuya . At the end of the sera with the threat of gangster conan the apple , if consumed in large quantities can be toxic . The villains show itself .

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Yumi's Love Story[]

Anime Episode 731-732: The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene

Characters introduced []

File 847 - Until I Collect All Seven []

Naeko's friend Sakurako called Naeko that someone is dead inside the apartment and Yumi met the apartment resident next-door named Shukichi Haneda who was her boyfriend and revealed that to the Detective Boys and Yumi looking at him with a not-him-again face.

File 848 - A Well-prepared Move []

File 849 - Taiko's Optimal Moves []

The culprit is Naganobu Itami. He committed the murder to put a stop to his wife's addiction to buying stocks.

At the end it is revealed that Shukichi Haneda is a professional shogi player. Due to an encounter in the past with his now ex-girlfriend Yumi, he believed that winning the seven shogi titles (Meijin, Ryu-oh, Kisei, Oi, Oza, Kioh and Osho) would win her heart.

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A Shrine to Remember[]

Anime Episode 734: Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap

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File 850 - Bourbon's Objective []

Conan arranged a secret meeting with Jodie to reveal to her that the true identity of |Bourbon and Scar Akai was actually a man called Tooru Amuro, who was working at Poirot. Conan asked the FBI to investigate why Amuro was still working at the Poirot even though he had achieved his goal. They met one of the flower viewers, named Touhei Benzaki, who said that he was the husband of the woman who was going to tape Jodie's eyes and mouth back in the Bank Robbery case. He also said that he had seen Scar Akai a few days ago. Conan wondered why Amuro still disguised as Scar Akai even though he thought that Shuichi was already dead. Haibara asked Conan who Shuichi was, because she had the feeling that he was like someone she knew: Dai Moroboshi. Conan awkwardly evaded the topic by telling her that the person called Shuichi had already died, however, a murder occurred before he could finish his words.

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