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Episode 44
TV Episode 44
Title: Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case
Japanese title: 堀田三兄弟殺人事件

(Hotta Sankyōdai Satsujin Jiken)

Broadcast rating: 17.6%
Filler case: #15
Original airdate: January 20, 1997
Season: 2
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa

Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri

Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Chemical fertilizer
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Yuuichi Higurashi
Storyboard: Hirohito Ochi
Episode director: Hirohito Ochi
Animation director: Haruo Ogawara
Opening song: Feel Your Heart
Closing song: Meikyū no Lovers
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Situation []

A lazy drive through the country lands Kogoro, Ran, and Conan in the middle of a murder mystery surrounding the death of billionaire industrialist, Kosaku Hotta. As Conan tries to unravel the clues before the killer can strike again, he faces one disturbing reality: The prime suspects are the victim's children?! It's an explosive whodunit you won't want to miss!

Suicide (Past)
Location: Road
Victim: Kentaro
Cause of death: Drowning
He committed suicide because Fumiko's father turned him down.
Bombing - Murder

EP44 Case

Location: Hotta household
Victim: Kosaku Hotta
Age: 58 Years old
Cause of death: Explosion
Suspects: Masahiro Yamauchi, Koichi Hotta, Harumi Hotta, Ryoji Hotta, and Fumiko Hotta

People []

Resolution []

The killer is Masahiro Yamauchi. The man who was Fumiko's lover was his son, Kentarou Yamauchi. He was a deceased piano player. When he and Fumiko got in a relationship and Hotta Sr. objected, they tried to convince him otherwise, but in reply Hotta broke the younger Yamauchi's hand which left him unable to play anymore. The younger Yamauchi fell into despair and killed himself by driving into a nearby cliff. His father then became the family butler only to get revenge, preparing the bomb that killed Hotta Sr.

The bomb used was the wine container that Ryoji was intending to give to her father. Yamauchi added an unstable components of garden fertilizer, which contained sulfur, and friction matches and a striking pad, so that when the wine container lid was slid open, the matches would rub again the pad and ignite, causing the mixture to explode and to kill Kosaku Hotta. Being a gardener/butler means that Yamauchi is the only individual who could prepare the bomb.

Yamauchi had also planned to kill Fumiko by tampering with her car, mistakenly thinking that she had rejected his son after the incident. In reality, Fumiko was very traumatized as well: she showed it by dressing in black like a widow and wearing a pendant with a photo of her lost love. Fortunately, Yamauchi's trap failed because Conan alerted Fumiko and she returned to the mansion, making Yamauchi break down in tears for misjudging her.

BGM listing[]

# Song Title Romaji Translation OST
1 Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart
2 のんびり気分 Nonbiri Kibun Carefree Feeling Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
3 蘭のテーマ Ran no Tēma Ran's Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
4 新一の名推理 Shin'ichi no Meisuiri Shinichi's Great Deduction Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
5 事件現場 (謎ver.) Jiken Genba (Nazo ver.) Scene of the Case (Mystery ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
6 犯人のアジト (忍び込みver.) Hannin no Ajito (Shinobikomi ver.) The Culprit's Hideout (Creeping In ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
7 陰謀 Inbō Conspiracy Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
8 コナンの危機 Konan no Kiki Conan's Crisis Detective Conan Original Soundtrack Super Best
9 怪人包帯男1 Kaijin Hōtai Otoko 1 The Mysterious Bandaged Man 1 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
10 コナンの夢 (夕暮れver.) Konan no Yume (Yūgure ver.) Conan's Dream (Twilight ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
11 それいけコナン (哀愁ヴァージョン) Soreike Konan (Aishū Vājon) Let's Go Conan (Sorrow ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
12 蘭のテーマ Ran no Tēma Ran's Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
13 迷宮のラヴァーズ Meikyū no Lovers Lovers' Labyrinth Meikyū no Lovers



  • Ryoji Hotta car drive is a 1978 Red Porsche 928.

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