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Title: The Target is Kogoro!! The Detective Boys' Secret Report
Japanese Title: 標的は小五郎!!少年探偵団マル秘調査

(Hyōteki wa Kogorō!! Shōnen Tanteidan Maruhi Chōsa)

Original airdate: 2005
Cast: Conan Edogawa

Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Kogoro Mouri
Hiroshi Agasa
Ran Mouri
Sumiko Kobayashi

Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri

Conan Edogawa

Director: Masato Sato
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Masaharu Okuwaki
Technical Director: Hideyo Yamamoto
Animation Director: Mari Tominaga (supervisor)

Maki Fujioka

Closing song: Wasurezaki
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Situation []

One day in school, Sumiko Kobayashi assigns her students with the task of investigating businesses in small groups for a class report. After some pondering, Mitsuhiko gets the idea to investigate a business according to the Detective Boys' own chosen profession, namely a private detective's office ... and what better choice would there be than their acquaintance, Kogoro Mouri?

Kogoro is of course very "eager" to aid the junior detectives in their assignment, and when their questions become a bit too personal, he decides to catch up on his latest case, namely shadowing a young man named Masaya Murakami, who is suspect to the parents of his girlfriend, Etsuko Yano. The Detective Boys (most of them eagerly, Conan and Haibara rather reluctantly) decide to follow him and witness Kogoro live at work; but soon a simple case of trailing and shadowing turns very serious when Murakami is suddenly snatched off the street right in front of their noses!


OVA5 Case

Victim: Masaya Murakami
Suspects: Two gang members

Later, Kogoro reveals the possible reason for the kidnapping to the Detective Boys: Murakami is an employee in a loaning business who has lent a substantial amount of money to a friend of his. However, that friend has disappeared with the money, leaving Murakami in a serious fix since he would now have to pay off the debt himself. Both Kogoro and Conan surmise that the kidnapping scheme was deivsed by the boss of the loaning company to blackmail Miss Yano, whose parents are quite wealthy, into procuring the money to pay off that debt. For this purpose, the six detectives begin observing Yano, who is indeed withdrawing money from as many ATMs as she is able and then proceeds on a taxi ride through the city.

People []

Resolution []

With some help from Professor Agasa, Kogoro and Conan manage to stay on Miss Yano's trail and follow her to her final destination, a warehouse at the waterfront. Yano delivers the money as promised, but then the loan shark and his henchmen decide to keep her as well in order to extort even more money from her parents. Before it comes to the worst, Kogoro, Conan and the Detective Boys enter the scene and take out the culprits one by one. The Detective Boys' class report subsequently becomes a great success, but it comes with two unexpected side effects: The Detective Boys are temporarily put out of work - and in turn, Kogoro is suddenly swamped with a deluge of near-impossible requests from dozens of underage clients!


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