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Episode 14
TV Episode 14
Title: The Mysterious Shooting Message Case
Japanese title: 謎のメッセージ狙撃事件

(Nazo no Messēji Sogeki Jiken)

Broadcast rating: 12.5%
Filler case: #2
Original airdate: April 29, 1996
Season: 1
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa

Detective Boys
Inspector Megure
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri

Case solved by: Conan Edogawa

Detective Boys

Next Conan's Hint: Calculator
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Kuchiru Kazehara
Episode director: Masato Sato
Animation director: Akio Kawamura

Kumiko Shishido

Opening song: Mune ga Dokidoki
Closing song: STEP BY STEP
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Power-Enhancing Kick ShoesPower-Enhancing Kick Shoes


Situation []

While fishing, Conan and with the Detective Boys spot a sniper shooting a balloon tied to a remote controlled boat on the river. This sniper is held at gunpoint by other men.

Missing Persons

EP14 Case

Location: Abandoned building
Victim: Koichi Yamabe, Eri
Culprit: Four criminals

The Detective Boys go to find these men but when they get there, the gunmen have left.

Conan finds a calculator under a small concrete block which he believes was left behind by the sniper. Kogoro, Ran and Conan, joined by the Detective Boys, find a stretch of road that mirrors the river used for the test. They call the police and find out that the sniper, Koichi Yamabe, and his girlfriend, Eri, were recently reported missing. However, while waiting for the criminals to arrive at the supposed sniping spot, Conan realizes that the numbers on the calculator, when read upside down, spell out a different message entirely.

People []

Resolution []

  • Evidence
    • The sniper left behind a calculator with the numbers 3,135,134,162 on the screen.
    • The sniper's test was held at about one o'clock in the afternoon.
    • When Ran suggested that the numbers 162 might be a road, Kogoro declared that the shape of the river might be similar to the bends of the road for the sniping site.
    • When Conan accidentally sees the numbers upside down, the numbers can be read as "291 Heisei E".
  • Resolution

The sniper that Conan saw was Koichi Yamabe, a police officer and former rifle marksman of Japan's Olympic team. He and his girlfriend, Eri, were abducted by the criminals while on vacation. The criminals held Eri hostage so that Koichi Yamabe would work for them.

When the criminals don't arrive at the site on Saitama Route 162, Conan and the Detective Boys try reexamining the code. As Mitsuhiko punches the numbers into his calculator, Conan accidentally sees that when upside down, the numbers can read as "291 Heisei E". The decoded message means the one o'clock train on February 9th of the Heisei Express train. The shape of the river turns out to mirror a double-curve in the train tracks of the Express. The criminals want Koichi to shoot someone inside the train and the balloon was just an accuracy test.

Attempted Murder
Location: Abandoned building
Victim: District Attorney
Suspects: Koichi Yamabe
The kidnappers forced Koichi to snipe the District Attorney for Eri's life.

Conan sneaks into the helicopter taking Inspector Megure to the train line. Before Koichi can assassinate the target, Inspector Megure instructs the pilot to swoop down and distract the criminals. Conan uses his Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes to kick his helmet towards one criminal before he can shoot Koichi. Koichi is able to take down the remaining criminals and save Eri from harm.

  • Motive
The criminals were former members of a gang whose leaders were caught in a sting operation last year. They wanted revenge on the district attorney who set up the operation, and planned to shoot him while he was on his way back from a vacation with his family.

BGM listing[]

# Song Title Romaji Translation OST
1 胸がドキドキ Mune ga Dokidoki The Pounding of My Heart Mune ga Dokidoki
2 悪のテーマ (パート2) Aku no Tēma (Pāto 2) Theme of Evil (Part 2) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
3 犯人のアジト (忍び込みver.) Hannin no Ajito (Shinobikomi ver.) The Culprit's Hideout (Creeping In ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
4 脅迫 (パート1) Kyōhaku (Pāto 1) Threat (Part 1) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
5 事件現場 (オリジナルver.) Jiken Genba (Orijinaru ver.) Scene of the Case (Original ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
6 犯人のアジト Hannin no Ajito The Culprit's Hideout Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
7 緊迫 Kinpaku Tension Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
8 コナンのテーマ Konan no Tēma Conan's Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
9 名探偵コナン・メインテーマ Meitantei Konan・Mein Tēma Detective Conan Main Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
10 「名探偵コナン」メイン・テーマ (予告) "Meitantei Konan" Mein・Tēma (Yokoku) "Detective Conan" Main Theme (Preview) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
11 蘭のテーマ Ran no Tēma Ran's Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
13 事件解決 (意気揚々ver.) Jiken Kaiketsu (Ikiyōyō ver.) Case Resolution (Triumphant ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2


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