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Tequila Profile
Japanese name: テキーラ


English name: Tequila
Age: ? (deceased)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Black Organization member
First appearance: Manga: File 114

Anime: Episode 54

Appearances: Chapters: 6

Episodes: 4

Japanese voice: Kosei Hirota
English voice: Andrew T. Chandler

Tequila (テキーラ Tekīra) is a Black Organization member in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. He was killed by a bombing by accident. He works in the external division on computer software related development related tasks, presumably by recruiting, dealing with, and making exchanges with programmers.


Tequila leaving

Tequila as he leaves Itakura's office after being rejected, saying: "I don't need you anymore!"

Tequila was heard speaking in a Kansai dialect by Conan. He is described by Conan as being very tall. Nothing much is known about him as he dies a few pages after he is introduced into the manga. Two years ago before Conan's encounter with Gin and Vodka, Tequila was negotiating with a famous computer system programmer Suguru Itakura and asked him if he could develop some software program that would be useful for the syndicate. Itakura described him in diary as someone who he won't meet ever again in his life. Ryusuke Soma, a game company executive described him as a suspicious large tall man with a big mustache.


Being large in size, he usually intimidates people, which helps with his transactions. When he had his fateful encounter with Conan, he bumped into Conan and Hideaki Nakajima, knocking them to the floor. He didn't even apologize, and continued on his way. Also, when Conan pretended he dropped a 10 yen coin that had fallen beneath Tequila's shoe and really tried to stick a transmitter and bug on the sole of his shoe, Conan was hit hard by Tequila for annoying him. This shows Tequila has an impatient personality and isn't afraid to hit young children.

Relationships analysis[]

Black Organization[]


Although Tequila is a subordinate of Gin's, he doesn't use honorifics like Vodka does to refer to Gin, giving the impression Tequila and Gin appear equally ranked.


Tequila and Vodka are approximately equally ranked and both are Gin's subordinates.

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