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Shintaro Chaki
Shintaro Chaki Profile
Japanese name: 茶木 慎太郎

(Chaki Shintarō)

Age: 49
Gender: Male
Occupation: Police Superintendent
First appearance: Manga: File 156

Anime: Episode 76

Appearances: Chapters: 10

Episodes: 5
Movies: 1
Chapters: 1
Chapters: 2
Specials: 1

Keyhole number: Volume 70
Japanese voice: Nobuo Tanaka

Shintaro Chaki (茶木 神太郎 Chaki Shintarō?), known in the FUNimation dub as Bernie Biggers, is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Shintaro Chaki is the superintendent of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police 2nd Division and Ginzo Nakamori's direct superior.


Chaki is strict and aggressive when it came to catching Kaitou Kid, and good at giving quick orders to subordinates. Despite this, however, he is not bloodthirsty; during Nightmare's brief "partnership" with Kid, he commented that he would prefer to capture both Kid and Nightmare alive if possible.

Plot overview[]

Kaitou Kid and the Black Star (Manga: 156-159; Anime: 76)[]

Kaitou Kid and the Iron Tanuki (Manga: 674-676; Anime: 537-538)[]

Ryoma's Gunbelt Case (Manga: 731; Anime: 627)[]

The Blush Mermaid (Manga: 828; Anime: 724)[]

Twin Bets (Manga: 862; Anime: 746)[]

Relationships analysis[]

Ginzo Nakamori []

Though not as aggressive or impatient as his subordinate, Chaki maintains an equal interest in capturing Kaitou Kid. He appears to consider Nakamori a dependable police officer.

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