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Korn Profile
Japanese name: コルン


English name: Korn
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation: Black Organization member
First appearance: Manga: File 500

Anime: Episode 425

Appearances: Chapters: 10

Episodes: 5
Movies: 3
Openings: 6

Japanese voice: Hiroyuki Kinoshita

Korn (コルン Korun) is a Black Organization sniper in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Korn is Chianti's partner, and also a skilled assassin. He wears thick glasses and a hat.


Even if he is less impatient than Chianti, Korn enjoys killing, and is disappointed when he does not get the opportunity to. Like most members of the organization, he has a cold personality. However, unlike the other members, he appears to be asocial, rarely interacting with other members unless spoken to. He is always seen frowning, and has no sense of humor. His speech is short and full of pauses, leading some fans to speculate that he may have some sort of speech impediment or is a foreigner with weak Japanese.

Plot overview[]


Black Impact[]

Korn appears for the first time at a shooting stand belonging to the Black Organization, training for the planned murder of Yasutero Domon. Later, he is present when Gin discusses the time and place of this murder with Kir. Even if he is supposed to participate in the two attempted assassinations (against Yasutero Domon and Kogoro Mouri), and is, each time, seen waiting for Gin's order to shoot, he never gets the opportunity to fire.

The Shadow of the Black Organization[]

Korn is seen in Chianti's car. He tells her he thinks Kir is dead.

Clash of Red and Black[]

The Crisis Beckoned by the Red Omen[]


Movie 13: The Raven Chaser[]

Korn and Chianti are charged by Gin to burst the tyres of Takagi's car, and immediately leave once their mission executed. At the end of the movie, he appears in the helicopter piloted by Vodka, albeit he is not the one to fire at Irish and Conan.

Relationships analysis[]

Black Organization[]


Chianti is Korn's partner. They seem to get along well enough; Chianti confides to Korn that she would like to kill Vermouth because she led Calvados to his death. They are not dating.


Korn, like Chianti, resents Vermouth, believing she caused the death of Calvados. He wishes to kill Vermouth.

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