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The Karasuma Group (烏丸グループ ,Karasuma Gurūpu ,lit. "Crow Circle Group") is a big company in Shinjuku[1] that had made an offer to hire Atsushi Miyano and his wife Elena as researchers several years ago. Since Renya Karasuma is the head of the Black Organization, it can be assumed that the Karasuma Group, obviously founded by Karasuma[2], is somehow linked to the organization.

However, since Gosho Aoyama said in an interview when Karasuma was revealed as the boss, that the real name of the Black Organization and the name of the boss are not related to each other and don't give each other away, the Karasuma Group can't be said to be identical to the organization, nor can the name "Karasuma Group" be the real name of the Black Organization.


Several years ago, the Karasuma Group offered to sponsor the Miyano's research, and hire Atsushi and Elena Miyano as researchers of the company. At first, Atsushi was reluctant to accept their offer, considering the strange rumors surrounding the organization about being as shady group. However, he had a change of mind agreed to consider the offer after Elena announced that she was pregnant with Shiho Miyano.


Not much is known about the activities utilized by the Karasuma Group, aside from sponsoring the Miyano's research to further their interests. As the conglomerate itself is rumored to be shady, the Karasuma Group is presumed to operate illegal activities similar to the Black Organization.



  • The Karasuma Group is the richest conglomerate in the Detective Conan universe, ahead of the Suzuki Financial Group and Ooka family.[2]


  1. The cars of all Black Organization's members in the anime version have Shinjuku (新宿) as license plate, then their founding location is somewhere in that ward of Tokyo.
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