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Hyoue Kuroda
Hyoue Kuroda Profile
Japanese name: 黒田 兵衛

(Kuroda Hyōe)

Age: 50
Gender: Male
Occupation: Police Superintendent
First appearance: File 913(manga)
Appearances: Chapters: 8

Episodes: 0
Movies: 0
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Closings: 0

Cases solved: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 86

Hyoue Kuroda (黒田 兵衛 Kuroda Hyōe), is currently the Tokyo Police First Division Managing Officer, former Nagano Police First Division Chief and a character within the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.




Picture Name What they call Kuroda What Kuroda calls them
Conan Edogawa Conan Edogawa Superintendent Kuroda (Kuroda-kanrikan) Edogawa Conan-kun
The brain behind Sleeping Kogoro (Nemuri-no-Kogoro no chiebukuro)
Boy (Bozu)
Kogoro Mouri Kogoro Mouri - Detective Mouri (Mouri-tantei)
Ai Haibara Ai Haibara Kuroda -

Picture Name What they call Kuroda What Kuroda calls them
Wataru Takagi Wataru Takagi Superintendent (Kanrikan) -
Kansuke Yamato Kansuke Yamato Chief Kuroda (Kuroda-kacho)
First Division Chief Kuroda (Kuroda-sosaikkacho)
That middle-aged man (Ano ossan)
Yui Uehara Yui Uehara First Division Chief Kuroda (Kuroda-sosaikkacho)
Chief Kuroda (Kuroda-kacho)
Chief (Kacho)
Taka'aki Morofushi Taka'aki Morofushi First Division Chief Kuroda (Kuroda-sosaikkacho)
Chief (Kacho)

Plot Overview[]

Kawanakajima Murder Case (Manga: 913-917, Anime: Unknown)[]

This case marks Kuroda's first appearance. He came to the crime scene right after Shigeru Takeda's head was found in the river. Conan got surprised as he was a well-built and old one-eyed man, which partially fits Haibara's description of Rum. He hinted knowing that Conan was the brain behind the Sleeping Kogoro and said that he was pretty well-known in the Nagano police department.

He was shown to be a scary person but in the end he turned out to be on Kansuke Yamato and Taka'aki Morofushi's side, helping them to catch the real killer in the case. Yui Uehara said that he had been in a coma for ten years and had pitch black hair before that.

A Blog That Causes a Death (Manga: 918-920, Anime: Unknown)[]

Conan and Haibara were discussing about Kuroda. Ai said that they shouldn't worry because he didn't make any suspicious moves and he was in Nagano, far from the Black Organization. However, at the end of the case it was found out that he had moved to the Tokyo police department replacing Kiyonaga Matsumoto who presumably got promoted. He asked Conan to take care of him. Haibara got scared and probably sensed the Black Organization aura from Kuroda.

A Secret of the Big Couple (Manga: 925-927, Anime: Unknown)[]

Haibara said to Conan that she hadn't felt the Black Organization Aura from Kuroda. She had only gripped his shoulder because his face was and his expression were really scary. In fact, she implied Kuroda couldn't be Rum as he saw her and should have noticed she resembles Shiho Miyano. If this had happened, things would have gone out of control and Rum would've broken into Agasa's house and this didn't happen.

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Name origin[]

The name comes from Kuroda Kanbei (黒田 官兵衛 Kuroda Kanbee, a.k.a. Kuroda Yoshitaka (黒田 孝高)), Japanese daimyo of the late Sengoku through early Edo periods.



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