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Hiromitsu Morofushi
Scotch Profile
Japanese name: 諸伏 景光

(Morofushi Hiromitsu)

Age: Unknown (deceased)
Gender: Male
Relatives: Taka'aki Morofushi (older brother)
Occupation: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau Agent
Aliases Scotch
First appearance: Manga: File 937
Appearances: Chapters: 2

Episodes: 0
Movies: 0
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Closings: 0

Hiromitsu Morofushi (諸伏 景光 Morofushi Hiromitsu?) was a deceased agent from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau who used to work undercover in the Black Organization under the codename Scotch (スコッチ Sukotchi?). He is Taka'aki Morofushi younger brother.


Hiromitsu's parents died, while he and his brother Taka'aki were young. His brother grew up in Nagano, while Hiromitsu was taken in by relatives in Tokyo. But the brothers did keep in touch with each other and both later became police officers. He was an undercover member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau inside the Black Organization. Not much has been revealed about his past and his time inside the organization, although he was acquainted with Rei Furuya (another undercover agent from the same organization) as well as Shuichi Akai (an undercover FBI agent using the alias Dai Moroboshi). Scotch was killed before his real name was revealed to the other black organization members. In chapter 1021, we learn that his real identity is Hiromitsu Morofushi.


Picture Name What they call Scotch What Scotch calls them
Tooru Amuro Rei Furuya Scotch
Your brother's friend (Kimi no ani no yūjin; talking to Masumi)
Shuichi Akai Shuichi Akai Scotch -

Picture Name What they call Scotch What Scotch calls them
Taka'aki Morofushi Taka'aki Morofushi Hiromitsu Taka'aki-niichan

Picture Name What they call Scotch What Scotch calls them
Masumi Sera2 Masumi Sera Scotch
My brother's friend (Aniki no yūjin)
The friend (Sono yūjin)

Plot overview[]

Scarlet Epilogue (Manga: 898, Anime: 783)[]

Scotch was first mentioned in Manga file 898. During Bourbon and Vermouth's conversation, she mentions a male infiltrator from the Public Security Bureau (PSB) who had been killed before they could figure out his name. Bourbon tells her that his code name was "Scotch".

Girls Band (Manga: 937-938, Anime: )[]

Scotch flashback on platform

Masumi remembers meeting a man nicknamed Scotch

Masumi has a flashback to 4 years ago where she saw her brother Shuichi on a train platform with another man. At that time, Masumi thought that Shuichi was supposed to be in America so she approached them. Shuichi told her to go away but she made the excuse that she did not have the money to get home. While Shuichi went to go buy her a ticket, the other man pulled a guitar out of the case on his back and taught her some notes. Before Shuichi returned, a third man that looks like Rei Furuya came over and called the other man "Scotch". Masumi believed this to be a nickname rather than an indication of his race because the man looked very Japanese.

Masumi reveals to Conan, Ran, Sonoko, and Rei that her older brother Shuichi Akai is an FBI agent. Sonoko then enquirers if her brother's friend might be an FBI agent as well but Masumi denies this possibility by saying that he must have been a friend that Shuichi was meeting with while on vacation. Rei thinks to himself that Scotch was a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau (公安警察 Kōan Keisatsu) and that Shuichi was the one responsible for his death.


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