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Hideo Akagi
Hideo Akagi Profile
Japanese name: 赤木 英雄

(Akagi Hideo)

English name: Harrison Acres
Age: 19[1]
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mamoru Akagi (younger brother)
Occupation: Soccer Player
Nicknames: Hide[2]
First appearance: Manga: File 68

Anime: Episode 10

Appearances: Chapters: 14

Episodes: 8 Movies: 1

Keyhole number: Volume 69
Japanese voice: Koji Tsujitani
English voice: Robert McCollum

Hideo Akagi (赤木 英雄 Akagi Hideo?) is a soccer player in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Hideo Akagi plays for the soccer team Tokyo Spirits. He has a younger brother named Mamoru. His parents died two years prior to the current timeline.


Plot overview[]

Hideo Akagi first appears in chapter 68 of the manga and episode 10 of the anime. His younger brother is kidnapped, and the kidnapper threatened to kill him if he won the match that he was playing. Due to that, Hideo messed up in the game on purpose. Distressed, his sister goes to the Mouri Detective Agency for help from Shinichi Kudo. Via the phone, Conan Edogawa is able to figure out who the kidnapper was (it was Naoki Uemura, Hideo's rival). Mamoru is found, and Hideo is informed about it. He then goes on to win the soccer match.

Hideo made another appearance in Episode 279.


  • Hideo is frequently called "Hide" by his fans. Gosho Aoyama shows this distinction between his name and nickname by writing the kanji "英雄" with the furigana reading of "ひでお" (Hideo) when an announcer calls his name during the soccer match in Volume 7[3] but subsequently has other characters call him "ヒデ" (Hide) using katakana[2].

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