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Heizo Hattori
Heizo Hattori Profile
Japanese name: 服部 平蔵
(Hattori Heizō)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Relatives: Heiji Hattori (son)

Shizuka Hattori (wife)

Occupation: Police Superintendent
First appearance: Manga: File 93

Anime: Episode 48

Appearances: Chapters: 13

Episodes: 7
Movies: 3
Openings: 3

Keyhole number: Volume 15
Japanese voice: Takehiro Koyama

Heizo Hattori (服部 平蔵 Hattori Heizō), known in the Funimation dub as Martin Hartwell, is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Heizo Hattori is the highest ranking officer at the Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters; he is Superintendent Supervisor (Rank 2). Heizo is the father of the high school detective Heiji Hattori, and is sometimes very supportive of his son's desire to be a detective. Heizo has sometimes lent his son a hand in solving a tough case. Though he has a hard exterior, Heizo is very caring for his son, family, and friends. At the Osaka district, he is very close with Goro Otaki and Ginshiro Toyama. It is due to his friendship with Ginshiro Toyama that his son, Heiji, originally met Toyama's daughter, Kazuha. His wife is Shizuka Hattori.


He has a very serious attitude and seemingly cold, especially when he punched his son in front of many people hard enough for Heiji to fall down. But it was revealed later on that he merely punched Heiji for his son to be more aggressive in solving the case and using both Heiji and Conan as a bait, although he apologized later on. He also is supportive of his son's career as a high school detective but also, as a caring father, he is also cares for his son's well-being.


Heizo possesses a very sharp intellect and observation skills. His intelligence is on par with Yusaku Kudo, given how both fathers are able to solve a case before their sons do; Heizo was able to correctly deduce the culprit in the murder cases that involved Toyotomi's castle. His deduction skills were further demonstrated during a flashback, when he was able to solve case just by listening to the details on phone and give hint to Heiji. He is also the highest ranking officer at Osaka Prefectural police Headquarters, and thus has the command of many of the police officers of Osaka.


Picture Name What they call Heizo What Heizo calls them
Shizuka Hattori2 Shizuka Hattori Heizo -
Heiji Hattori Heiji Hattori - Heiji

Picture Name What they call Heizo What Heizo calls them
Ginshiro Toyama Ginshiro Toyama - Toyama
Goro Otaki Goro Otaki - Otaki
Juzo Megure Juzo Megure Hattori Heizo-san -

Picture Name What they call Heizo What Heizo calls them
Kogoro Mouri Kogoro Mouri - Detective Mouri (Mouri-tantei)

Plot overview[]

Relationships analysis[]

Family & Friends[]

Shizuka Hattori[]

Shizuka and Heizo appear to have a good relationship. She is not intimidated by Heizo's fierce personality, and he seems to listen to her.

Heiji Hattori[]

Heizo seems to disapprove of Heiji's choice to be a detective. Heizo knows his son very well, however, including how Heiji would react to being forcefully told to leave a case alone — rather than obey, Heiji continues to investigate and distracts the culprits so that Heizo can surround the criminals with his police force. Heizo does care for and will protect his son, but his brusque and stoic personality leaves him unlikely to say as much, or even if he is proud of Heiji. Heiji, for his part, doesn't seem to care what Heizo thinks of him, and addresses Heizo very informally.

Name origin[]

Hanzo Hattori was a famous Japanese samurai, while Heizo Hasegawa is the main protagonist of "Onihei Hanakacho".


He's just getting in the way! The spoiled brat let all this nonsense about "high school detectives" go to his head. He's disturbing the body and the crime scene to feed his own ego. He's just a liability to preserving the evidence. Just now, two people died right under his nose while he couldn't do a thing to stop it. He figured the police had established a perimeter so nothing would happen.

— Heizo giving some "tough love" to his son.

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