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Ethan Hondou
Ethan Hondou Profile
Japanese name: イーサン・本堂

(Īsan Hondō)

Age: ? (deceased)
Gender: Male
Relatives: Eisuke Hondou (son)

Hidemi Hondou (daughter)
Unnamed wife (deceased)

Occupation: CIA Agent
First appearance: Manga: File 584

Anime: Episode 485

Appearances: Chapters: 6

Episodes: 5

Keyhole number: Volume 56
Japanese voice: Rikiya Koyama

Ethan Hondou (イーサン・本堂 Īsan Hondō) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Ethan Hondou is also known by Conan as the deceased father of Eisuke Hondou and Hidemi Hondou (Rena Mizunashi or Kir). He was a CIA agent who went into deep cover as a Black Organization member.

He and his son Eisuke at one point lived in Osaka. He used to eat at an Okonomiyaki restaurant with his CIA colleagues and separately with Eisuke on occasion but stopped coming several years ago, presumably because he died or started infiltrating the Black Organization.

After Ethan went overseas for work, he would occasionally type out messages to his boss' mobile email address while talking to his son on the phone. Eisuke describes the sound as the melody for the "Seven Children" song. This fact, relayed via Ran, allows Conan to deduce that Eisuke's father was in fact a member of the Black Organization as well as a CIA agent.


Recognizing that his newly recruited daughter was about to be found out as a spy by the Black Organization, Ethan committed suicide to protect Hidemi by making it look like she was the one who killed him. After he was killed, a colleague from the CIA came in the warehouse he was killed in and started calling him "Hondou." The colleague committed suicide before could be killed by the Black Organization, and they burned down the warehouse. This was all witnessed by a homeless man living on the second floor of the warehouse who luckily escaped the burning warehouse. Sometime later, Shuichi Akai found the homeless man and found out all these evidence that would be later used to help the FBI.


Plot overview[]

Mysterious Job Case (Manga: 553, 555, Anime: 464-465)[]

Missing Photo Case (Manga: 582-584, Anime: 484-485)[]

Billing Fraud Case (Manga: 585, Anime: 491)[]

Fake Patient Case (Manga: 595, Anime: 495)[]

Kir Transport Case (Manga: 604, Anime: 500)[]

Name origin[]

Ethan comes from Ethan Hunt from the 1996 Mission Impossible film, while Hondou comes from Bondo, the Japanese pronunciation of (James) Bond.

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