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TV Special Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small
Episode One- The Great Detective Turned Small
Title: Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small
Japanese Title: エピソード"ONE" 小さくなった名探偵

(Episōdo "Wan" Chīsakunatta Meitantei)

Broadcast rating: 10.7%
Original airdate: December 9, 2016
Cast: Shinichi Kudo

Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Hiroshi Agasa
Akemi Miyano
Shiho Miyano
Ayumi Yoshida
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Genta Kojima
Eri Kisaki
Yusaku Kudo
Yukiko Kudo
Sonoko Suzuki
Shiro Suzuki
Tomoko Suzuki
Jirokichi Suzuki
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Jodie Starling
Shuichi Akai
Hina Wada
Kunihiko Shumoto
Toichi Kuroba
Kazuha Toyama
Kazuhiro Otaka
Yuko Ikezawa
Denjiro Maru
Ikuya Hatano
Makoto Akutsu
Yuji Suwa
Yutaka Abe
Gozo Hatamoto
Kitaro Hatamoto
Ichiro Hatamoto
Mariko Hatamoto
Akie Hatamoto
Tatsuo Hatamoto
Kenji Suzuki
Norikazu Sasai

Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Opening song: Mune ga Dokidoki
Prev episode: « The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History
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Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small (エピソード"ONE" 小さくなった名探偵 Episōdo "Wan" Chīsakunatta Meitantei) is the sixth TV Special of Detective Conan. The special is a retelling of the first and part of the second episode of the series.

Characters introduced[]


Shinichi Kudo Shinichi Kudo Conan Edogawa Conan Edogawa Ran Mouri Ran Mouri Kogoro Mouri Kogoro Mouri Hiroshi Agasa Hiroshi Agasa Gin Gin Vodka Vodka http://detectiveconan96.wikia Chianti http://detectiveconan96.wikia Korn Shiho Miyano Shiho Miyano Akemi Miyano Akemi Miyano (Flashback) Ayumi Yoshida Ayumi Yoshida Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Genta Kojima Genta Kojima http://detectiveconan96.wikia Eri Kisaki http://detectiveconan96.wikia Yusaku Kudo Yukiko Kudo Yukiko Kudo Makoto KyogokuMakoto Kyogoku http://detectiveconan96.wikia Sonoko Suzuki http://detectiveconan96.wikia Shiro Suzuki http://detectiveconan96.wikia Tomoko Suzuki Jirokichi Suzuki Jirokichi Suzuki (Background) Juzo MegureJuzo Megure http://detectiveconan96.wikia Wataru Takagi http://detectiveconan96.wikia Kazunobu Chiba Yoko Okino Yoko Okino (Flash forward) http://detectiveconan96.wikia Joji Hatamoto (Flash forward) http://detectiveconan96.wikia Natsue Hatamoto (Flash forward) http://detectiveconan96.wikia Takeshi Hatamoto (Flash forward) http://detectiveconan96.wikia Sango Yokomizo (Flash forward) http://detectiveconan96.wikia Seiji Asoh (Flash forward) http://detectiveconan96.wikia Heiji Hattori (Flash forward) Kaitou Kid Kaitou Kid (Flash forward) Vermouth Vermouth Jodie Starling Jodie Starling Shuichi Akai Shuichi Akai http://detectiveconan96.wikia Rei Furuya Bourbon (Background) Hidemi Hondou Rena Mizunashi (Television) Kunihiro Shumoto Kunihiro Shumoto (cameo) Toichi Kuroba Toichi Kuroba (manga flash) Kazuha Toyama Kazuha Toyama (manga flash) Kazuhiro Otaka Kazuhiro Otaka (manga flash) EP288 Slasher Slasher (manga flash) Jumbo Jumbo (flash forward) EP2 Kidnapper Kidnapper (flash forward) Yuko Ikezawa Yoko Ikezawa (flash forward) Denjiro Maru Denjiro Maru (flash forward) Ikuya Hatano Ikuya Hatano (flash forward) Makoto Akutsu Makoto Akutsu (flash forward) Yuji Suwa Yuji Suwa (flash forward) Yutaka Abe Yutaka Abe (flash forward) Gozo Hatamoto Gozo Hatamoto (flash forward) Kitaro Hatamoto Kitaro Hatamoto (flash forward) Ichiro Hatamoto Ichiro Hatamoto (flash forward) Mariko Hatamoto Mariko Hatamoto (flash forward) Akie Hatamoto Akie Hatamoto (flash forward) Tatsuo Hatamoto Tatsuo Hatamoto (flash forward) Kenji Suzuki Kenji Suzuki (flash forward) Sasai Norikazu Norikazu Sasai (flash forward)


Sherry Opening Scene []

Aquarium Scene []

Gin and Vodka's Meeting Scene []

A man walks into a bar called "Black Widow" and sits next to Vodka and orders the same drink. The make an exchange of money for information. Gin appears and sits on the other side of the man and announces that the Organization was havaing a rat problem. He also says that the drink they were drinking was called "XYZ", a drink made from Rum and lemon juice, which is mentioned to imply an "end". The man quickly tried to defend himself by saying that he isn't a rat and tries to excuse himself. He gets into his car, but is hesitant to start it for fear that it may explode. The car starts right up, which results in him trying to put on his seat belt, which again is met with hesitation. With this out of the way he shifts the car into drive and it immediately explodes.


S1 Case

Location: Beika Harbour
Victim: Man
Cause of death: Car Explosion (Car Bomb)
Suspects: Unknown
The car exploded when the man shifted the gear into drive.

Haido's Karate Champion []

Suzuki Family Scene []

Karate Tournament Scene []

Case 1: Crime at the Private Mansion []

Situation []


Episode ONE 13

Location: Guest House
Victim: Yamazaki
Cause of death: Stab wound
Suspects: party guests
President Yamazaki of Yatsubishi Bank is found dead in a locked room with a stabbed kinfe his chest.

People []

Resolution []

Takanori Sewa is behind for all of this.

Case 2: Roller Coaster Murder Case []

Situation []


S1 Case2

Location: Tropical Land
Victim: Kishida
Cause of death: Decapitation
Suspects: Aiko, Hitomi, Reiko and Men in Black
While they are riding on the roller coaster, he was decapitated.

People []

Resolution []

The culprit is Hitomi. She had dated Kishida in the past and was dumped by him. She killed him with a necklace he had purchased for her and tried to shift the blame to Kishida's new girlfriend, Aiko, by leaving a knife in her hand bag.

Chasing the Men in Black []

Later at Shinichi's House []

Flash Forward []

New York Scene []

Sherry Closing Scene []

Manga to Special Changes[]

Main article: List of differences between the manga and anime

  • In the manga, the victim of the first case was the mansion owner's wife. In this version, similar to the original episode, a bank president named Yamazaki was killed instead.
  • Both Gin and Conan are shown in possession of cell phones in scenes that originally did not contain them.
  • In the manga, Gin uses a metal rod to knock out Shinichi. Whereas in this version he uses his retractable walking stick, which makes more sense since a such a blow to the head would have left him with more than a minor injury.
  • Hina Wada, a character created rather recently in the manga, gets a brief scene where she apprehends a thief by herself.
  • Characters not yet created at the start of the manga (like Wataru Takagi, Kazunobu Chiba, Chianti and Korn) get cameos in the special.

Anime to Special Changes[]

  • In the original episode 1, Yamazaki was shot in the chest, in this version he is stabbed with a knife.
  • The news castors that are talking about Shinichi as he walks by have been replaced by Rena Mizunashi and a co-host.
  • The scenes with the Detective Boys sneaking into the Mystery Coaster and finding the pearl strand were cut. Instead, Shinichi and Ran encounter them playing soccer earlier in the Special.
  • Ran and Shinichi visit Sonoko and her parents right before Sewa kills Yamazaki. Sewa himself is there and briefly freaks out when he realizes Shinichi's identity.
  • The karate tournament won by Ran is shown. Additionally, both Makoto and Sonoko are seen and it's stated that this is when Makoto fell in love at first sight with Sonoko.
  • Instead of a shining white light censor, we see a dark blood fountain during the decapitation scene. There's so much blood that Ran gets all stained with it.
  • During the flash forward, the scene where Akemi Miyano is killed is exactly like how it was in the original manga, while the anime altered this scene so that she would live, and later another episode had to be made in order to fix the plothole.
  • Shiho sees Shinichi and Ran came from Nazo.


  • The subtitle of this episode "The Great Detective Turned Small" (Chīsakunatta Meitantei) is the same title that was used by File 002 of the manga.
  • During Yusaku and Yukiko's brief appearance, they are in their "Night Baron" and "Fumiyo Edogawa" disguise from Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case.
  • During the scene where Eri is talking to Kogoro over the phone, a calico cat is shown lying on her desk. This is Eri's previous cat that is mentioned in File 528, it had died a month earlier off screen resulting in her taking in Goro from a friend. Since this Special takes place before that, her first cat is still alive.
  • The number Ran bears during the karate tournament is "910", which can also be read as "Kudo" in Japanese.
  • On the cover of Eri Multiplies Ran's texts for Shinichi are the exact same structure and content that were on Ran's note in this special: the note she left for him after their date at Tropical Land in, the one where Shiho finds with a picture of Shinichi and Ran.

BGM listing[]


For the full gallery see: Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small/Gallery


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