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Episode 38
TV Episode 38
Title: Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case
Japanese title: 赤鬼村火祭殺人事件

(Akaoni Mura Himatsuri Sastujin Jiken)

Broadcast rating: 17.8%
Manga case: #4
Original airdate: November 18, 1996
Season: 2
Manga source: Volume 2: Files 1-3 (010-012)
Cast: Conan Edogawa

Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Inspector Megure
Detective Takagi
Professor Agasa

Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Left-handedness
Director: Kenji Kodama
Organizer: Hirohito Ochi
Storyboard: Hirohito Ochi
Episode director: Hirohito Ochi
Animation director: Haruo Ogawara
Opening song: Feel Your Heart
Closing song: Meikyū no Lovers
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Situation []

When a body is discovered in a bonfire at a ritual Fire Festival by a tourist, the murder investigation begins.


EP38 Case

Location: Akaoni Village
Victim: Masaki Negishi
Age: 42 Years old
Cause of death: Burning
Suspects: Yutaka Abe

And when Detective Mouri finds out that the victim is the same man that he had been tailing for the past three days, he realizes that he has been had. The man who hired Detective Mouri uses his testimony to create the perfect alibi. But Kogoro is sure that his client is the guilty one, and Conan agrees. Can Conan crack the case before this prime suspect leaves the country or will he get away with murder?

People []

Resolution []

The culprit is Yutaka Abe. Negishi really died on Tuesday night, the night before Yutaka left on his vacation. The next day, Yutaka had Kogoro follow a fake who looked like Negishi in order to make him think Negishi was alive through Wednesday night. The body was found on Thursday evening, during the fire festival which Yutaka carefully checked ahead of time to make sure the times matched. With the body burned by flames, it was impossible to find the exact time of death. This led to Kogoro to think that Negishi died from Wednesday night to Thursday night, when in fact, he really died on Tuesday evening. Then, Yutaka came back from his trip on Friday night acting innocent with his complete alibi. Negishi is right-handed but on the photos, he is left-handed. This is the proof that the person Kogoro stalked is not Negishi but a different person. Yutaka's plan after the murder is to escape the country. Fortunately, Conan confronts him for the murder before he escapes on an airplane and Conan manages to trick him and record him admitting the crime. Conan then knocks him unconscious with a tire to the face. Conan also leaves the casette tape beside Yutaka so when the police find him, he will be arrested with sufficient evidence. Yutaka is on the verge of bankruptcy and he trick Negishi to fall on his plan. He made a bet with Negishi that if he successfully went into hiding that Abe would give his life insurance policy to him. He betrays him then commited the murder because he wants to take the insurance. Afterwards, the police arrested him together with Negishi's impersonator.

Manga to anime changes[]

Main article: List of differences between the manga and anime

The manga version of the story sets up Conan being in school, as well as introducing his newly created Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes (which he tries while playing soccer while at the grade school soccer field). Additionally, this case takes place much, much earlier in the manga, being the fourth case in the series.


  • The name of the culprit, "Yutaka Abe", comes from the name of one of Gosho's first assistants, Yutaka Abe.

BGM listing[]

# Song Title Romaji Translation OST
1 Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart
2 事件解決(意気揚々ver.) Jiken Kaiketsu (Ikiyōyō ver.) Case Resolution (Triumphant ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
3 蘭のテーマ (音コンテ) Ran no Tēma (Oto Konte) Ran's Theme (Sound Cue) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
4 事件現場2 Jiken Genba 2 Scene of the Case 2 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
5 新一の名推理 Shin'ichi no Meisuiri Shinichi's Great Deduction Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
6 犯人のアジト (忍び込みver.) Hannin no Ajito (Shinobikomi ver.) The Culprit's Hideout (Creeping In ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
7 悪のテーマ (パート1) Aku no Tēma (Pāto 1) Theme of Evil (Part 1) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
8 新一の名推理 Shin'ichi no Meisuiri Shinichi's Great Deduction Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
9 サスペンス~危機感 Sasupensu ~ Kikikan Suspense ~ Impending Crisis Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
10 怪人包帯男1 Kaijin Hōtai Otoko 1 The Mysterious Bandaged Man 1 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
11 謎解き (その1) Nazotoki (Sono 1) Riddle Solution (Part 1) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
12 名探偵コナン・メインテーマ Meitantei Konan・Mein Tēma Detective Conan Main Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
13 迷宮のラヴァーズ Meikyū no Lovers Lovers' Labyrinth Meikyū no Lovers
14 コナンの勝利 Konan no Shōri Conan's Victory Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1


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